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elsewhere. Generell gilt auch hier die Regel: Bei einer streng wissenschaftlichen Titelaufnahme. . 193) a b c Smith, Michael (April 2001). Bei beiden Varianten gibst du jedoch nur die ntigen Literaturangaben in der Klammer an, die auf die vollstndigen Informationen in deinem Literaturverzeichnis verweisen. 67 At the Peace Conference, speaking before the Council of Ten,. The Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict: Causes and Implications,.

Beispiel 1 Friedrich von Schiller: Wilhelm Tells Lehrjahre. B.: Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph. Vladimir Lenin even asserted in one of his speeches that "Soviet Russia can't survive without Baku oil." citation needed Demographics and armed groups edit Before World War I, the population of Baku, including the Bailoff promontory, the White Town. 33 As Baku produced 7 million tons of oil per year (about 15 of global oil production during World War I the city remained in the sights of the major warring powers. Only Filters bibliography entries that include the word "physics" in any of the fields. 58 Although these figures were gathered by the Armenian National Council, and have been questioned by some, 58 given the general run of events, they were unlikely to be greatly exaggerated.

Zurzeit wird eine neue Papier-Auflage herausgegeben, 2010.) The Chicago manual of style. It was mentioned that several citation styles and bibliography styles are available, and you can also create new ones. (Ein Grundsatz des heutigen Umgangs miteinander in der Wissenschaftsgemeinde ). However, in 1978, then-leader of Soviet Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev recalled the forgotten March Days in his speech dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Stepan Shahumyan as follows: In March 1918, the Musavatist anti-Soviet rebellion was raised in Baku, intending to strangle the Soviet Government. 65 He also claimed that the Armenians gave shelter to some 20,000 Muslims during the struggle. Dagegen wird das (ehemalige) Adelsprdikat du, von auf Landesweise verschieden gehandhabt. The commander of the military forces of the Armenians was the same General Bagradouni, who, although he lost both of his legs during the fight, continued his duties until September 14, when the Armenians and the small number. Most of the Turkic port-workers (the ambal ) either remained neutral or supported the Reds.

Another customization option is to change the default title of the bibliography section. We demand the acceptance of immediate measures to open the railroads from Baku to Tbilisi and from Baku to Petrovsk. It makes you think, and what better tribute could there be for an object from the past than to stimulate and provoke debate in the present?.Read more, this Roman silver cup is a fascinating and very versatile object. Im Folgenden werden die einzelnen Bestandteile erlutert. 5(069 1938, 41 "baku IN flames AS battle rages; 2,000 Killed and 3,000 Wounded in Struggle Between Russians and Mussulmans". It also allows a glimpse into the private life of the Romans, challenging our traditional view of how they lived and loved. The destruction of the enemy was complete.

The paper attributed such alliance to national factors, and concluded that the Soviet's attempt to provoke "one nationality against another, instead of fighting a class war, was a tragic capitulation of democracy". 49 The leader of Baku Soviet, Stepan Shahumyan, claimed that more than 3,000 killed in two days from both sides. 74 On 31 December 2010, Governor Jim Gibbons of the.S. 5 Armen Garo stated the Azerbaijanis suffered over 10,000 military casualties. Schon einmal an anderer Stelle erfasst haben oder ob es nur durch eine andere Benennung als etwas Neues erscheint.

Of Chicago Press, Chicago 2003, 15th., isbn,. This proved a futile effort and, in the face of an overwhelming Ottoman-Azerbaijani offensive, the Dunsterforce fled and the Caucasus Army of Islam entered the Azerbaijani capital on 15 September 1918. 29 The Allies had also provided Armenians with 6,500,000 rubles (3,250,000 of 1918 value) in financial assistance. Ausnahmsweise durch ein Fragezeichen, wenn das so gedruckt wurde ). Bolsheviks with the support of the, armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutiun) 8 9 10 on one side and the Azerbaijani. Aufbau der Literaturangaben im Literaturverzeichnis Die Literaturangaben deiner verwendeten Quellen werden im Literaturverzeichnis detailliert und chronologisch aufgefhrt. The Plot to bring down the British Empire. ( Kazemzadeh 1950,. . This article explains how to use biblatex to manage and format the bibliography in a LaTeX document.

1 By.m. The rest of the commands were already explained at the introduction. Hilfreiche Literatur Damit du whrend des Studiums den Durchblick behltst, was die verschiedenen Literaturangaben angeht, ist es ratsam, dir Literatur ber wissenschaftliches Arbeiten zu besorgen. ( Ratgauzer 1927,. . Berkeley: University of California press. Generell werden Titel und auch die Gesamtzitation durch einen Punkt abgeschlossen, dadurch sind sie eindeutig erkennbar. Sie sehen in der Regel so aus: Text (Name Jahr: Seite). Hinweise auf Websites Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Es wird die genaue URL angegeben, also nicht nur die Startseite, sowie Datum und Tageszeit des Abrufes.

No one really knows who fired the first shot, but very soon Baku became a battlefield, with trenches and barricades being hastily prepared throughout the city. The Caucasus: An Introduction. Beispiel fr Zeitschriftenartikel: Troels Engberg-Pedersen, More on Aristotelean Epagoge, in: Phronesis 24 (1979 301319, hier 315. March Days were a violent culmination in this assault of Russian Bolshevism against the unprepared Azerbaijani people. Hier kommen auch wieder die Vorteile des Beispiels 2 zur Geltung. Die Quellennachweise im Text sehen in der Regel so aus: Text (Name, Jahr, Seite). Knnen in Literaturlisten oder Verzeichnissen entfallen. 30 In response to this call, by early March 1918, a large number of Armenians had gathered in Baku, joining a group of 200 trained officers accompanied by General Bagradouni and the ARF co-founder Stepan Zorian (Mr. Das Jahr ist der letzte Grundbestandteil der Titelaufnahme und daher wird es mit einem Punkt abgeschlossen.

In der Schreibweise mit dem Nachnamen zuerst, analog dem obigen Beispiel 2: Gamma, Erich; Helm, Richard; Johnson, Ralph.; Vlissides, John. Werden fr den Verlag mehrere Orte genannt, gengt als Zitierweise die Angabe des. On the evening of 31 March, machine-gun and rifle fire in Baku intensified into a full-fledged battle. Anglo Caspian Press Lted. Biblatex is a modern program to process bibliography information, provides an easier and more flexible interface and a better language localization that the other two options. Meanwhile, the ARF, which was established in Tbilisi, formed a 27-member Armenian delegation to the Sejm.

Weitere Angaben je nach Zweck knnen sein: Werkausgabe, Schriftreihe, Umfang in Seiten, isbn, Angaben ber Illustrationen oder Buchaufmachung, die Standortangabe in wichtiger Bibliothek ( Sigel Verweise auf zugehrige Themen, Autoren oder andere Listen; Stichwrter zum Index (Sachkatalog vorstellbar wre auch ein. Seine Angabe ist daher zwingend. Cuomo to proclaim Saturday, March 31, 2012 as Azerbaijani Remembrance Day in the State of New York". These parties led by feudal intelligentsia (beks and khans which settled in Elisavetpol and Tbilisi thanks to the degraded and cowardly politics of the Mensheviks became very aggressive in Baku too. 41 The Soviet side, led by Shahumyan, realized that full civil war was starting and its own forces were insufficient against Azerbaijani masses led by Musavat. Relationships between men were part of Greek and Roman culture, from slaves to emperors, most famously the emperor Hadrian and his Greek lover, Antinous. Weiterfhrende Literatur * Dieser Beitrag enthlt Affiliate-Links. 24 25 Contents Background edit See also: Caucasus Campaign Political situation edit Following the February Revolution, a Special Transcaucasian Committee, including Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian representatives, was established to administer parts of the South Caucasus under the control of the Russian Provisional Government. This could resemble the truth to a certain extent. "Saving Forty Thousand Armenians".

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